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अब आधार का काम सिर्फ सरकारी गाइड लाइन  के हिसाबसे

आधार एन्रोल्ल्मेंट्स का काम करने के लिए सरकारी लोकेशन सेलेक्ट |

Govt. Location
है जो निचे दिया गया है वहा भी आप आधार एन्रोल्ल्मेंट्स कर सकते है|
Govt Premises can be;
1.      Taluka & Mamladar  Office,
2.      Co-operative Banks,
3.      Gramin Banks,
4.      Primary Health Centers,
5.      Hospitals,
6.      Govt. Schools,
7.      POST OFFICE etc


Aadhar Enrolments Centre 

Project: UID/Adhaar/PDS (Public Distribution System – Ration Card)

Campaign – E-Government Project.

Centers have to hire UID certified staff

start the camps at
(Banks, Institute, Government Place, etc) allotted states and

Training provided by client.
States & Districts: All States and Districts under UIDAI available.
Contract Period: 1 Year and renewable.

Kits: Will not be provided by client.

You can purchase kits from market.


(1 Kit =  1 Eye Scanner, 1 Thumb Scanner,  White Boards, etc )

Payouts: Rs.21 inclusive taxes/enrollment.Training: Provided by client.

Payout Date: 90 Business/Working Days after invoice. or Back to Back (Saturday, Sunday, National & Bank Holidays are considered as non-working days) after the invoice is submitted.

Payout Mode: Online Transfer (Official Bank Charges Applicable).
Cheque/Demand Draft (Only By Courier). No Cash Deposits.

Consultancy Charges : Rs. 15,000.00

Child Enrolnment Project (UIDAI)
Scope Of Work – There are following steps for making child uidai card as given below
arrow You have to enroll baby from 1 day to 5 year for uidai card
arrow Use a tab and morpho single biometric devicearrow No need of birometric of childarrow Need Uidai number of parents of childarrow Capture photo of child by tabarrow Enter basic information of child in software install in tab Tab Configuration – 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memoryRate – 10.50rs per cardPayment time – 45 90 Days (1st billing) after that monthly billing
More Information for Child Aadhar Project :  09978829170

We Provide TAB + MORPHO

We all know in this web based world our security, our performance and most importantly our identification holds high priority. Keeping in mind all these factors AADHAR CARD has been launched by the government which is also called as UID i.e. unique identification card or number as it was issued by unique identification authority of India (uidai) to all citizens above five. In this the unique number of an individual is linked with his biometric data so as to check his identity. Since one uid is allotted to only one person, it enables to verify ones identity universally. It is based on the biometric and demographic information of an individual which helps to alienate the risk of all the fictitious activities which are very much prevalent in today’s world.
Receiving this uid is very easy process, one just need to enroll himself either by filling the form or visiting any of the nearby centre and submitting his application form. Later some formalities have to be done so as to verify your identity and then one would easily get his unique number. The number provided to every individual is kept recorded in the records or in the secret database which includes all the information regarding your fingerprints, iris and many other details. When any person needs to apply for the scheme then his number is matched against his authentications.
These smart cards allow the devoid and needy persons in approaching various services. It helps them to prove their identity at multiple places. A person’s aadhar number can be used at various places like for booking tickets online, for opening bank accounts, for permitting admissions in universities , applying for passport and at many other places where one need to give their identity proof. This number could be used to enjoy any of the beneficiary schemes allotted by the government. Due to the increasing terrorism in our country it has become very important to record each and every movement of an individual in companies and industries and other expected places.
It has been noticed that government provide its services to all people but still the low economic class remains deprived of many facilities, this is due to the fact that these poor people lack proper identification documents so they couldn’t get any state benefits. Here this card plays an important role in provides them their very own rights. Also it’s an important card for all migrants who wonder from one state to other within India or out of India as it provides them identity.
You Can Start own Aadhar Permanent Center @ Your LocationWe Provide Counsulting Service For Adhar Smart Card

सभी ग्रहकोको ये निवेदन हे की वो पैसे की लेनदेन कंपनीके खाते में ही करे , कोई कर्मचारी या अन्य व्यक्ति के नाम से कोई भी बैंक में व्यवहार न करे और उसकी रसीद इ-मेल पे अवश्य भेजे


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