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  • UC CORPORATION  was founded in the year 2012, with a vision to lead the PDS  sector with its agile solutions and proven expertise. It aimed to optimize the services in the PDS sector. Within less than three years of starting its operation, the company rose to prominence leading the Local Service providers with its state of the art technology, trained manpower, and strong leadership. The brand leads the industry with futuristic technology and sustainable solutions to the companies. The company has offered Digital Seva  solutions to Indian  companies and global tech leaders.
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    Welcome to the dynamic world of UC CORPORATION OF INDIA a single window for all your needs. With our vast network throughout India, we provide our customers government registered companies’ work .

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    With a team comprising of dynamic professionals and experience, UC CORPORATION OF INDIA has set its own platform in government contract (data entry) , e-governance project , online based AD campaign website development , online marketing , etc

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    Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of online marketing and government projects . UC CORPORATION OF INDIA has committed to help organizations for consistent growth in online marketing.

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    UC CORPORATION OF INDIA understands that clients have specific needs . At UC CORPORATION OF INDIA we therefore spend considerable time discussing with our clients individually to understand their specific requirements and developing customized solutions .



सभी ग्रहकोको ये निवेदन हे की वो पैसे की लेनदेन कंपनीके खाते में ही करे , कोई कर्मचारी या अन्य व्यक्ति के नाम से कोई भी बैंक में व्यवहार न करे और उसकी रसीद इ-मेल पे अवश्य भेजे  info@uccorporation.com


Mobile : 9978829170 e-mail-:-info@uccorporation.com


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