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 Paytm Number is : 99788 29170

+++ हमारी कम्पनी  की कोई सिस्टर कंसल्ट कम्पनी नहीं हे +++

3 Way to Make Payment in UC CORPORATION OF INDIA.

  1. You can visit any branch of SBI , ICICI Bank, PNB  or AXIS Bank and paid directly as a cash deposit into UC CORPORATION / UC CORPORATION OF INDIA ‘s  bank account.
  2. Do you have active Internet Banking from your Bank? Then you can add any of UC CORPORATION / UC CORPORATION OF INDIA bank account as beneficiary and after 24 hours you are able to make payment using fund transfer menu of your internet banking.
  3. Do you have Debit Card/ATM of SBI , ICICI Bank or AXIS Bank? Then you can visit near by ATM and send money through Card to Card Transfer. make sure you are using SBI , ICICI bank or AXIS Bank ATM only. GET CARD TO CARD TRANSFER OPTION FROM ATM

What to do after making any payment?

 After making any payment, you are requested to send an email to info@uccorporation.com with subject: Notification for online payment with payment proof.  On confirmation of your payment within 30 minutes or less  time we’ll mail your account details or delivery of your package will be done.

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